Guatemala for adventurers

Day one

We will be exploring the modern areas of Guatemala City using the Trans Metro, public transport, departing from the Historic City Centre towards Avenida de las Americas. Then have lunch in the hipster areas of Cuatro Grados Norte.  The afternoon we will explore Kaminal Juyu, using taxi.

Day two

We will flight from La Aurora airport to Santa Elena in the department of Peter. After landing we will go directly to Tikal. Tikal is one of the most important Mayan cities of the Classic Period. You can climb to the top of the temples with panoramic view of the surrounding tropical forest. You can enjoy the flora and fauna of the National Park. We will spend the night in the small village of El Remate, by the shore of Lake Peten Itza El Remate


Day three

Drive down to Rio Dulce on Guatemala’s Caribbean Coast. We will stop for lunch at Hacienda Tijax and then we will explore Castillo de San Felipe. The Forts was built by Spanish to keep British pirates out. The we will go by boat to Hotelito Perdido in a Creek of Rio Lampara. 

Day four

We will visit the Kekchi village of Ak-tenamit village and their projects. We will hike El Tigre cave with its natural pool where you can jump and bath or swim in open air natural pools. Lunch with local kekchi family.

Day five

Visit to Nature Reserve Tapon Creek with tropical forest and limestone natural pools. Then we will head to the Town of Livingston or Buga, its original name in the Garifuna language. This is the stronghold of Garifuna people and culture. 


Day six

We will be kayaking from Hotelito Perdido towards the small waterfall in Rio Lampara, then you will have the afternoon free to enjoy different activities that the hotel offers.

Day seven

Back to the city, using public transport (Litegua pullman).

Day eight

Early depart to Lake Atitlan using the Panamerican Road.  Visit to Vivamos Mejor project called CEDRACC, then drive around the lake towards Santiago Atitlan, stronghold of Tzutuhil indigenous group.

Day nine

We will be hiking to the Local Reserve of IKITIW, this is a cloud forest area where we might see Quetzales and other interesting flora and fauna. We are staying in Posada Santiago.

Day ten

During the morning, we would enjoy market day at the main plaza with mayan-tzutuhil groups selling their products and handcrafts and a visit to Maximom pagan saint.  Afternoon we will have cultural tours around Santiago, with weaving and fishing tours. Local meal with family.

Day eleven

we will travel to El Paredon-Sipacate Nature Reserve by the shores of the Pacific Sea and stay in SurfHouse El Paredon. Afternoon visit to La Choza Chula project run by British volunteers with their sustainable development efforts, turtle hatchery and dinner with local family.

Day twelve

We will have a morning boat trip visiting mangrove, salt mines, Parlama turtle lagoon and “the barra” the place where the sea meets the estuary. We will be having a professional UVG biologist with us to help with mangrove ecology and bird identification.  Approx. tour time will be 2 to 2.5 hours. Afternoon free to enjoy swimming pool or the beach.

Day thirteen

Depart to Guatemala City, stroll in Historic Centre and bar visit.

Day fourteen



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