We are professionals working in conservation and sustainable tourism, that believe that our habitats and the people living in them can benefit from tourism done in a responsible way.

We are based in Durham, UK and we work closely with biologists and businesses in Guatemala.

Our tours are tailor-made to particular fields of interest, especially in botany and ecology but we also include archaeology, geology and community tourism.

We try to choose locations which will benefit either the local communities or emerging green private businesses.

We work with local guides because we believe that their knowledge and expertise of their own places is exceptional. Whenever possible we also invite guides that come from backgrounds like biology and archaeology. They all have in common being part of Universidad del Valle de Guatemala professional community.

About me

After being inspired by documentaries about explorers in wild and unknown places as a child, I studied Biology in Guatemala. Then I spent 2 years in Athens, Georgia doing a degree in Ecology and mixing with anthropologists doing exciting things in the Amazon basin. During my working experience in Guatemala, I was part of multidisciplinary teams on various projects aiming to do conservation in protected areas, sustainable tourism, and doing research in the use of natural resources by indigenous communities, as well as lecturing at University in Environmental and Social Sciences.

 I came to Durham, UK in 2001 to study Anthropology, to support my increasing involvement in ethnobotany and sustainable tourism. In 2006 I settled in Durham. Since then I have pursued my passion as a biologist working in nature conservation projects as a freelance and started a new chapter in my professional life by creating Verde-ecology tours. Where I hope to share the special places that I know in Guatemala and raise awareness in how nature and human beings interact.

My favourite places

The Pacific beach where I can dip into the warm sea waters, after a run along the black volcanic sands then use a hammock whilst drinking a fruit licuado* smoothie and then see the sunset whilst having a walk.  

My favourite times to travel to Guatemala

I like to travel to Guatemala in mid-November to escape the dark cold days in the UK. From November until May it is officially the Dry Season or Summer. 

 If I want to witness or take part in cultural festivities, then my favourite time to travel to Guate (the short name that Guatemalans give to our country) is Easter.  Fascinating syncretising between Mayan and catholic traditions. Also, Día de los Muertos on the 1st and 2nd of Nov is another fascinating time to travel to the rural areas and see the most spiritual rituals around the souls of the departed ones.

My favourite experiences to share with visitors

Take them to share time with my family and friends in Guatemala City.  This gives a unique insight to the way of living of Guatemalans. Taking them to visit conservation projects run by biologists and professionals with whom I have worked or known through my years in Guatemala.